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    • 20 Great Sleep Over Ideas To Help You Have The Best Sleepover Ever

      1.Transform a room in to a snug.

      2. Make tents.

      3. Gift bags for your guests including matching t-shirts or sleepwear

      4. Setup a selfie booth.

      7. Set up beauty stations.

      8. Play Twister.

      9. Personalize pillow cases.

      10. Turn off all the lights and just use torches

      11. Provide plenty of glow in the dark accessories.

      12. Use nice hair treatments.

      13. Drink non alcoholic healthy cocktails.

      14. Set up a mini spa.

      15. Make your own facial masks

      16. Set-up a cake stand and have an ‘afternoon’ tea (in the evening of course)

      17. Provide personal lap trays!

      18. Set up a hot chocolate and marshmellows.

      19. Chocolate fondue

      20. In the morning make waffles, pancakes or similar.

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