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      How to Have a Midnight Feast?

      Midnight feasts at sleepovers are mega fun, exciting, with that hint of danger. Here is how to have an awesome one :-

      – Stay awake until midnight.

      – If the grown ups come to check on you, pretend to be asleep.

      – At midnight be super quiet and creep quietly out of the bedroom.

      -Tiptoe down to the kitchen

      – Make your food but be careful not to choose anything that smells or is crunchy, as this might wake-up the adults.

      – Wipe the kitchen surfaces and table so there are no signs of food. If you have rubbish, wrap it in tissues, and push it to the bottom of the bin. This is to avoid trouble in the morning.

      – Sneak carefully back to the bedroom.

      – Eat quietly together.


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